The story of many family businesses begins with the arrival of a baby in the family. This is no exception either. As soon as our little princess started walking, Grandma dusted off her sewing machine and, step by step, recalling the old sewing skills and learning new ones along the way, Little Enne was born.

Elegance and quality - two words that describe Little Enne dresses. The design is characterized by simplicity and elegance, which makes the dresses comfortable to wear. On the other hand, quality is one of the main prerequisites, each dress is created with special care. No thread is left behind, no stitch is left unfinished.

We give the best to the buyer, putting our heart and good thoughts into the work.

Still seeing each new dress, our princess says, “Wow! I want one too"! As with all parents, the smile on a child's face is our most important assessment.


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